Which AHCA licenses do I need for my Practice?

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When navigating the many licenses that are regulated by AHCA, it can be overwhelming for a medical provider. These licenses can be confusing, cumbersome, and sometimes feel impossible to obtain. One of the most common questions from our providers is, “Which AHCA License do I need to operate my practice?” This really depends on the ownership of the practice.

AHCA Healthcare Clinic Exemption

Obtaining a Healthcare Clinic Exemption is a straightforward process. It is very important to fill these applications out as accurately as possible and disclosing all procedures, services, payors, and exemption qualifications is crucial. HCC Exemptions can be obtained by licensed practitioners covered by section 627.419 (allopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, podiatrists, optometrists, or dentists only]. Direct family members can also be part owner of a practice, but proof of being a direct family member such as a wife, sibling or child will need additional documented proof. Copy of the applicable medical license will be required as well. 

AHCA Healthcare Clinic

A Healthcare Clinic License requires more documentation for application approval. The significant difference between a Healthcare Clinic and the Exemption is that a Healthcare Clinic can be owned by a non-physician. These applications must disclose all services being rendered in the clinic, all professionals practicing in the clinic and ^ill stalTmembeTS. All of these employees or contracted professionals must pass a level 2 background screening in order to have any interaction with patients or patient information. Additionally, in order to have an approved Healthcare Clinic you must have a contracted Medical Director or Clinic Director. These contracts must meet certain requirements in order to be approved by AHCA. Obtaining a healthcare Clinic license with AHCA can be time consuming and requires tremendous attention to detail. We recommend hiring an experienced consultant or dedicating a trusted employee to this process.

AHCA Home Medical Equipment

A Home Medical Equipment license allows you to bill PIP for certain DME items. Some of these items include portable traction units. Aqua Therapy Units and many other therapy products. Billing some of these items to PIP without an HME license could be considered “unlicensed activityM by AHCA. The common items that are not included as home medical equipment are orthopedic bracing and TENS units. In 2020, the State of Florida changed the Statute requiring physicians to obtain the HME license in order to dispense TENS units to patients. Unfortunately, 3 years later, PIP carriers are still denying TENS based on the outdated Statute. JMS Med Consulting has a copy of this new Statute, if anyone would like a copy. The cost of obtaining an HME license is minima】,we recommend going through with the process to avoid any delaying of claim payments on you DME products. PIP adjusters commonly check the online database of Home Medical Equipment providers to verify valid HME licenses before claim payments.