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The Financial Impact Of Aging Receivables:strategies For Medical PracticesWhile the primary focus of healthcare providers is patient care, the economic health of a medical practice is equally crucial, as it ensures the practice’s continuity and existence to keep providing quality healthcare to patients. One effective strategy to maintain a steady cash flow is to prioritize the timely management of medical receivables. Understanding the …Q3 2024 - July - September2024-07-10 12:17:12
Key Ways To Maximize Your Uber/LYFT PI ClaimsIt seems that filing claims against Uber and Lyst vehicles is a current trend in the Personal Injury world. However, before you jump on the bandwagon, there are a few things you should know. Before ride sharing became as popular as it is today, the big two, Uber and Lyst, provided much more comprehensive coverage …Q3 2024 - July - September2024-07-09 12:08:17
Succeeding Under Tort Reform Part 4 – How subsection(2)(e) may prevent the jury from seeing heath insurance reimbursement ratesThis is the fourth article in a series that lights the way to success under Florida Tort Reform’s Section 768.0427. This article will explain how Subsection (2)(e) can be used to prevent the insurance defense industry from presenting the health insurance reimbursement rates discussed in Subsections (2)(b)(1), (2)(b)(2), and (2)(c)(1). Section 2 deals with evidence …Q3 2024 - July - September2024-07-09 11:44:52
Safeguarding Client Data:8 Easy Cybersecurity Strategies For The Personal Injury IndustrySharing data has become easier, but securely sharing that data remains elusive for many providers and attorneys. Email is ubiquitous – everyone has it, and patients and clients want to use it. You may think that HIPAA says you cannot, but you can – if you secure it. The main goal here is to protect your …Q3 2024 - July - September2024-07-09 10:57:31
Fl Supreme Court Decision Regarding Billed Amount V. Pip Fee ScheduleIn a recent decision, the Florida Supreme Court actually strengthened the billed amount statute of FS §627.736(5)(a)(5) which states: “An insurer may limit payment as authorized by this paragraph only if the insurance policy includes a notice at the time of issuance or renewal that the insurer may limit payment pursuant to the schedule of …Q3 2024 - July - September2024-07-09 10:29:14
Navigating Refund Requests From Florida PIP Insurance CompaniesWhile it doesn’t occur too often, it’s practically inevitable if you’re a Florida medical provider who treats patients for Personal Injury claims that you will eventually receive a request from a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance carrier for a refund of a supposed overpayment. In the realm of PIP insurance, medical providers often find themselves …Q3 2024 - July - September2024-07-09 09:43:06
Don’t Let Your Slip And Fall Case Slip And Fall Through The CracksSlip and fall cases have long been the albatross of the personal injury industry. Now, with the implementation of the Florida Tort Reform Act 768.0427 it has become even more of a task to be able to successfully handle these types of cases. This starts with the victim following practical measures after a slip and …Q2 2024 - April - June2024-06-25 06:48:34
2024 Legislative UpdateThankfully, the 2024 legislative session has ended without inflicting any cataclysmic changes on the Personal Injury industry. Although none of them passed, there were some bills introduced in this session that are worth our attention, because they may be resurrected in future sessions. Motor Vehicle Insurance HB 653 and the identical SB 464 is a …Q2 2024 - April - June2024-06-25 06:28:00
Knowing The Difference Between Bracing ClassificationsOne of the most common questions our company gets regarding the billing and coding of orthopedic bracing is what type of brace to prescribe and dispense? When it comes to bracing, the two main classifications are off-the-shelf and custom prefabricated. Knowing the difference can be very important in order to remain compliant. The first type of …Q2 2024 - April - June2024-06-24 13:53:55
Human Error, Legal Consequences: A Deep Dive Into Cybersecurity Best PracticesHuman error remains the Achilles’ heel of law firms or medical practices’ cybersecurity.   As a partner at Internos, I’ve had the privilege of working with legal professionals, and I’m eager to discuss this vulnerability and how law firms and medical practices can fortify their defenses against potential legal consequences. Understanding Human Vulnerability Human error is …Q2 2024 - April - June2024-06-24 13:34:23
How To Objectively Quantify Pain For Impairment RatingsAccording to the AMA Guides, “Pain is an essential determinant of the incapacitation of many individuals who undergo impairment evaluation. When pain persists, it has the capacity to dominate a person’s existence, contributing to significant impairment, reduction in the quality of life, functional limitations, and disability.” An impairment rating quantifies the injury and scales the …Q2 2024 - April - June2024-06-21 13:04:29
Succeeding Under Tort Reform Part 3 – Satisfied Vs. Unsatisfied Medical BillsThis is the third article in a series that lights the way to success under Florida Tort Reform’s Section 768.042Z This article will provide a deeper analysis of the distinctions between Subsections (2)(a) and (2)(b) and lay the foundation for the deeper dives into the four parts of Subsection (2)(b) that will be presented in …Q2 2024 - April - June2024-06-21 10:11:41
The 14 Day Treatment Rule and how to handle itI have noticed recently an alarming high rate of PIP claims being denied by various insurance companies based on a patient not receiving treatment within 14 days of the date of the accident. It seems to me that insurance companies have a conference as to what their latest maneuver will be to deny claims and …Q1 2024 - January - March2024-03-03 09:15:53
Succeeding Under Tort Reform Part 2-An analysis of LOPsThis is the second of several articles on the road to success under Florida Tort Reform’s (FTR) Section 768.0427. That road is paved by a three-tiered response to the statute in which medical providers replace pre-FTR new-patient forms and practices, their attorneys prevail on motions for protective order (MPOs), and PI firms prevail on motions …Q1 2024 - January - March2024-03-03 08:56:00
Navigating I.T. Roadmapping in 2024How do I ensure my IT infrastructure is not only up to date but also future-proof? As a partner at a managed service provider, I hear this question and others like it often. It makes sense that leaders in the personal injury industry are looking for answers. So let’s steer you in the right direction …Q1 2024 - January - March2024-02-11 12:50:25
Which AHCA licenses do I need for my Practice?When navigating the many licenses that are regulated by AHCA, it can be overwhelming for a medical provider. These licenses can be confusing, cumbersome, and sometimes feel impossible to obtain. One of the most common questions from our providers is, “Which AHCA License do I need to operate my practice?” This really depends on the …Q1 2024 - January - March2024-02-03 05:53:13
Recent 4th DCA Decision: A Winner for medical ProvidersA recent decision by Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal (4th DCA) is a winner for medical providers who have had services denied by a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurer because the code billed does not have an established reimbursement amount under Medicare or Florida Workers’ Compensation. The case was a consolidated appeal requesting reversal …Q1 2024 - January - March2024-01-11 12:30:55
Building a strong PI case through documentationTo be able to represent your client properly and aggressively to the fullest, the importance of prompt and comprehensive documentation cannot be overstated. This article gives a few key pointers on the type of documentation that is required to have a robust personal injury case. For the Plaintiff, seeking immediate medical attention is paramount after …Q1 2024 - January - March2024-01-06 06:28:43
Attorney Fee deferral Strategies for Tax PlanningAttorney fee deferral strategies involve delaying the receipt of fees to a future date, often for tax planning reasons. There are several reasons a law firm, or solo practitioner may want to take advantage of these strategies. Here are a few common strategies:  Structured Attorney fees: Attorneys can structure their fees using period payments, like …Q1 2024 - January - March2024-01-03 07:00:19
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